The First GlobeThe Second GlobeWelcome to OnePeople-OneWorld, the most eclectic website & blog on the Internet.  :^)  You aren't here by accident, you're here for a reason, we'll find out why together.

Are you  wondering what those pictures are all about?  If you aren't, well, I'm going to tell you anyway, they're explained in the stories in the left index titled the White Globe at 15 and the Golden  Globe at 46.  While this IS a personal journey, a history of gene in a way, in another way, my story, my truth, has broader meaning because I have something to tell you, something I believe leads to hope, for us all, that is about the TRUTH of us all.  That truth is we humans are SO much more than we think we are.   We really ARE One People - One World.  
I've led an ordinary life which, I think, makes even more remarkable the inexplicable events IN my life that I'm going to tell you about.  There is purpose, connection, and a common thread to these events.  It isn't about religion, it is much larger than any religion.  I've a lot to say, there is a LOT in me.  These things happened to me that I might share them with you.  It is time to share this with all of you, in this way.   You've been led here, stay awhile, and visit.  The "historical" part of that sharing will be here, the current state of my thinking will be in my blog,  gene's blog.  There, you'll see that what is here just scratches the surface of what is in me.  We'll have an opportunity to be interactive, it links back here, so when I reference anything here, you'll be able to pop back and look at the story and/or the picture that goes with it.  You'll have an opportunity to react to what I say there, and if you want to talk to me directly about any of the stories or anything at all, you can mail me here too, at  You can read things in any order you'd like, of course, but I suggest you start at the beginning.  :^)