Welcome to these stories from my past and how they led me to this vision, and hope, for our future, One People - One world

This is your reading window.  Just click on any link on the left hand side menu and the corresponding story will appear here, fair warning, some of them are quite long, and three have pictures associated with them.  You may click back and forth between them as you wish.  I hope the text appears as I intend it, in Comic Sans, because, well, I like it.  And what else is life anyway but a divine comedy?  

Here you'll find a series of stories, that led me to give this site this name, inexorably, I think.  We will, as we become a true civilization, realize the ultimate truth of Humanity, that we are all the same, everywhere in the world, just people with a lot more in common than we think.  All over this beautiful home of ours, we share the same hopes for a loving and safe tomorrow, for our children, for all of us.  I believe that there are many more of us than some might think who are willing to work very hard and to give a lot of ourselves and our love to bring this to be, finding ourselves in the process, remembering the truth of who we really are, all of us, One People, One World, having a shared experience in the relative universe.  We are much more alike than different.  All over the world we dream the same dreams, share the same hopes.  I think we can begin to demonstrate that truth right here.  I'll start.  :^)  

I was born to do this, I have seen and experienced what I have that I might share here now with all of you who will somehow be led to this site, these extraordinary events that have happened to me.  And what they MEAN about us, what they PROVE about us.  I will tell you the story of how these events have led me to the conclusion that our future is together.  In the blog, I'll talk about what I believe are universal truths, and ways we can work together to understand each, love each other, work together, to create what I believe will one day be our common vision and understanding, that we really are  One People, One World.  Sometimes that will be by observation and reaction to current events, more often it will be through a quote from Conversations With God, books 1 and 2, sometimes it will just be an idea that is in me that I want, or am guided, to share.  You can find out about that guidance by reading through the stories and histories in the index.  I'll be happy to discuss any or all of that with you, any of you, at any time.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you again soon.   :^) gene  

I've closed every email I've written in the past 18 years with the phrase below.  I try to live it each day.  I hope you will too.

If today brings even one choice your way,
Choose to be a Bringer of the Light.  :^) gene