Me at age 7 in the light shaft
The Light Shaft Experience at 7

 I was 7and I was running in our barn, it was twilight, the gloaming, very shadowy dark.  I was right in the middle of it, when I was suddenly halted, like being frozen in place for a second or two, and completely surrounded by a shaft of bright white light (it was like standing in a silo of light) and felt/heard a whoosh of sorts.  I wasn't afraid, there was no feeling like that in me at all.  But my mind was just flooded with this feeling of certainty that this was NOT where I intended to be, that a mistake had been made, that I had been born in the wrong place, that this family was not mine – even at this age I already knew I was very different from anyone else in my family but the ideas that flooded through me had NEVER occurred to me prior to that moment.  Then it was over, I was still me, and continued on with whatever I was doing.  

I don't know why that didn't feel odder to me than it did.  Nothing like it had ever happened before, it SHOULD have been something I told my mother about, but I never did, I never told anyone, I never had the slightest urge to.  Not because I felt she wouldn't believe me, it HAPPENED, of course she'd believe that, giggle.  Maybe.  But somehow I "knew" it was for me alone.  So I really just sort of forgot it, though the feeling of being out of place never left me, it never really "mattered" either.  I was where I was and that was that.