This is what this globe looked like as it left me  
The White Light Globe at 15

This event happened when I was 15.  I was standing in a church vestibule with two friends.  I don't remember why we were there exactly, but there we were anyway.  The two of them were facing me, I was looking into the church itself, Salem Lutheran Church, near a little town named Dalbo, through the large double doors, my view was of the right hand side of the church, the aisle leading to the altar.  

We had just finished two years of indoctrination to the Lutheran faith, giggle, Confirmation is what that was called.  We were
talking about our futures, what we wanted to do when we grew up.  I have NO idea why, but I suddenly said, completely without volition, which surprised the heck out of me because I had NEVER considered this idea before, “I think I want to work in the church.”  As I said that, a very bright creamy-white slightly larger than softball-sized globe rose slowly out of my chest to eyebrow level where it gently burst and dissipated the way fireworks do as they fade.  Again, as with the light shaft, for a few seconds, I felt frozen in place, mesmerized completely as I watched this globe rise and disappear.  I had the STRONGEST sense of complete love, peace and calm as I watched this globe.  My friends didn’t see anything (believe me if they HAD, they would have said something, this was just too freaky NOT to say anything about had they seen it) in fact both laughed at the idea of me working in a church as I was by then already a pretty wild child.   :^).

I never mentioned that possibility, working in the church in ANY capacity, again to anyone.  I don't know why, I suppose because it wasn't something I'd ever thought of before and I had no wish to "preach", I'd just finished listening to a minister teach me about the Lutheran faith and spent more time than I wanted to reading and memorizing from the Lutheran Catechism.  It
wasn’t like I was engaged in any sort of spiritual quest, or even aware that a spiritual quest was of interest to me.  I wasn't persuaded that I believed all that I had been taught.  I wasn't spiritually engaged then in any way, just glad to be done with confirmation at last, and thinking about the future.
I really was already sure I didn't believe what I had been taught, not all of it, it was mostly ritual, tenets of the faith and such.  And by this time I had already seen enough of people to know that what I had been taught applied to Sunday mornings from 11 to 12 and no other time.  Because the people I saw there those mornings, did NOT live that way the rest of the week.