The Light Experiences

I am starting with these because they are completely inexplicable, because it has been just over 20 years since the last and because I searched for 7 full years trying to find anyone else who has had these same experiences.  I mean SEARCHED.  I have been everywhere, read everything, become intimately familiar with every search engine the Internet has had during that time, and found many interesting people and stories, but not one person anywhere, who has ever had, or heard of, experiences like these.  

So I search no more, lol.  I'm going to let you find me.  If these have meaning for you, if they have meaning for anyone, you will find me.  I've been told all sorts of things, of course, by people I met along the way, from places I posted a synopsis of these stories (I had a stock few paragraphs about them and I posted those EVERYWHERE) about what people I met thought they mean, about Starseeds, about Wanderers, about Sirians visiting the neighborhood, but none of those are the truth.  Not my truth.  My truth comes from within, you can read more about that in the story about Jenna.  

Here, though, I just want to introduce the three strangest things that have ever happened to me.  Only to me, because if anyone else had these, I'd know.  They'd have talked about them, written about them, they'd be on television, or in lore, stories somewhere, but these?  Nowhere to be found.  Which fits actually, I'll touch on that in the concluding story.  That is sort of the common thread that runs through these most uncommon stories, that for me, and me alone, they connect.  Since life here really is a single journey, though we join in many ways, we never see out through but one pair of eyes.  Really the only common thing about me, is, well, everything that isn't these, giggle.  I mean I am just one person who has had several unique experiences.  I no longer search for others who share them, there are no others, I already knew that, from within, but I am a bit hard-headed when it comes to some things and this is one of them.  It took some convincing, many years worth, to really understand that for whatever reason, these particular experiences were given to me alone.  I know that now in a way I could not have, had I not searched.  Stubborn is how many of Swedish heritage are thought of and I am of 100% Swedish heritage on both sides of my family.  That in itself is a minor miracle, I think, in that a 100% Swedish farm-raised girl of 20, from the center of this state, could move to Minneapolis, Mn, and meet a 100% Swedish farm-raised man of 27 from the farthest northeastern part of this state, who then, after WWII, was cooking at a White Castle, fall in love and produce three children.  The world, even back then, was a large place, and I do not believe their particular convergence was a happy accident.  My Dad is gone, though I think of him often:  my Mom is still completely with us, for which I am grateful.    

All of this is so that you understand, and it is important that you DO understand, I was not born a king, I was not born a seer, a prophet, a healer or a magician.  I was born on a farm in the middle of Minnesota in the middle of the North American continent.  I'm just gene jacobson and for whatever reason these three things, which you will come to next, happened to me alone.  Why?  Well, we'll talk about that.  I'm not special.  I'm just an average guy in an average place doing average things.  Yet, here are these three incredible events.  I'll talk more about what I "think" is the why in other stories, so keep reading, but first, these are short and easy.  :^)

So, here we go, I have had three light experiences in my life.  I call them light experiences because all three involved lights, the first a shaft of light, the other two globes of light.  They happened at ages 7, 15, and 46.  The first was unlike the other two at all, but the next two were very much alike.  Even so they ARE all somehow connected though it took me until the third to make that connection myself.  I'm not a slow learner, I just wasn't paying attention, I guess, too busy living life to look at life, at least as of the first two.  I was too young then to make anything of them, though I KNEW they were not ordinary, I never talked about them, never told anyone until after the third.   Each experience, what I remember of them, is detailed in the stories below.  I had three pictures made, that show you,very roughly, what I saw as each happened.   All three events happened in the month of June.  Don't ask me how I know that,  I just "do".  I just "know" a LOT of things, which I'll also talk about as we go on.  Until the third one happened, I'd forgotten completely, pushed somewhere deep into hidden memory, the first two, but AS the third happened, the other two came rushing back into my consciousness and I KNEW they were interconnected.  Again I don't know how I knew, but I KNEW.   So, please, read those stories.  My email address is above, if you have questions, fire away.  I'll answer each and every one.  :^) gene

Below the light stories, you'll find five others.  They're a little more intense.  First, more history, because in 1996 my life began to change, what had been the foundation of a pretty humdrum life began to quiver, then shake, an internal earthquake of sorts.  That is still going on.  Everything my life had been built on to that point came into question, in ways I could not have foreseen, nor indeed borne, had I known what was coming.  Those will be of interest to most of you, I feel sure.  Many of you have been where I have been, some not to the same extent, many far deeper into the darkness than I fell.  But all of you will be able to relate to what I tell you of that time, and I mean all of you, readers from whatever part of the world who find, or are led, to these pages, will know that nothing happens by accident in this world, and that we are meeting here for a reason.  Maybe we'll figure out what that reason is together.   That would be my hope.  :^) gene